Saturday, September 7, 2013

AFGM Performance Report 9.7

Georgetown Palace Theatre

Performance Report for

A Few Good Men

Saturday, September 7

Director:  Ron Watson

Stage Manager: Faith Castaneda       

Cast called at 6:30p           

Began Act 1:  7:39p     Intermission: 8:42-9:00            Ended: 10:04 

Late: Cameron

Missing: Heather (L)

Didn't Sign In:

House Open: 7:01p

Weather: warm, windy, humid 81*

Act 1: 1 hr 3 mins

Intermission: 18 mins

Act 2: 1 hr 4 min

House Manager: Jan McCormick

House Count: 230



Show Irregularities:

Ethen's mic gave some trouble




Applause after the Jessep court scene!

Standing O!






Great Show!! One more to go!


7 people still owe Jessie money for T-shirts. Please bring tomorrow!


Please make sure that you have closed toe shoes for strike tomorrow. Please no flip flops, heels, sandals, etc…


Please leave all of your costumes (except personal items like your 'street clothes') hanging in your spot in the dressing room. Also, leave all the brass/fruit salad on your uniforms, please.


James/Cameron – Nice spinny spin spin with the witness stand! J


Thank you all for staying for the picture!





7 people still owe Jessie money for T-shirts. Please bring tomorrow!


You're awesome.




Next Performance:


Final Performance L


Sunday, September 8 // Mainstage // Palace Theatre


12:45 // Crew Call

1:00 // Cast Call

1:15 // Mic Check

1:20 // Run Gun Drill

1:30 // House Open

2:00 // Go for Show!


Strike after show.

Jessie D will be posting strike duties. While we have a strike team, we still require the cast to assist with strike by the way of costume check in, props return, dressing rooms clean up, garbage take out, take apart crew, etc.

Please take all of your personal items to your car before reporting to your assignment.

The sooner we all get started, the sooner we all can leave. J






Its been mentioned that the chin strap on the watch tower marine is broken and hanging loose….













"I'd sit on it a little longer." – Nancy

"Stacy, these nuts are huge!" – Faith



Prepared by: Stage Manager; Faith Castaneda



Faith Castaneda
Stage Manager

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