Sunday, August 18, 2013

AFGM Performance Report 8.18

Georgetown Palace Theatre

Performance Report for

A Few Good Men

Sunday, August 18

Director:  Ron Watson

Stage Manager: Faith Castaneda       

Cast called at 1:00p           

Began Act 1:  2:06p     Intermission: 3:09p-3:26p       Ended: 4:31p 



Didn't Sign In: Ismael, Will S, William W

House Open: 1:35p

Weather: Hot!! 91*

Act 1: 1 hr 3 mins

Intermission: 17 mins

Act 2: 1 hr 5 min

House Manager: Monti McMillan

House Count: 125



Show Irregularities:




Small audience tonight but they were really responsive!

Good Job!

Standing O!






Great opening weekend!! We have a great review on Broadway World. Well Deserved! Bravo!


Please take any "brass" or pins off your costumes and put them in a safe place! The palace will be doing laundry and YOU are responsible for keeping up with those. J


During Scene Changes – unless specifically told otherwise, please exit the wings and not the reds!


Please don't put your covers (hats) or anything else that doesn't belong on the props in the wings; ie brig table, defense table, etc. They will be moved!


Stand Proud was GREAT!! Keep that up!!


Please look at the trash duty schedule…make sure you are doing your part!


Please look at the wings and take all hangers that you are leaving…the crew is accumulating a pile and that shouldn't happen. Clean up after yourselves, please.


Have a GREAT week and make sure to look at your lines a couple of times. J See ya Friday!






Great Opening Weekend!!

And closing weekend for Heather… L You will be missed…. But we welcome Maria with open arms.


See you guys next Friday!




Next Performance:


Friday, August 23 // Mainstage // Palace Theatre


6:15 // Crew Call

6:30 // Cast Call

6:45 // Mic Check

6:50 // Run Gun Drill

7:00 // House Open

7:30 // Go for Show!




Costumes will be washed this week, correct?




Curtain Speech cut off before it was over. Please look at it. J

The Rain SQ – you can hear where it loops and it still isn't long enough.




Exposed wire USR alcove and USL alcove; Michael Davis inspected during intermission yesterday and repaired the USL alcove as best he could. Both still vulnerable.


1 curtain ring needs replacing on for reds on both sides of stage


The headset battery charger needs to be looked at. The 2 cubbies on the right hand side aren't charging…




The judges' bench ledge is tilting and needs to be secured and reinforced, please.






There is still a dark spot SR of Center on the second level that is very distracting in lunch scene… specifically LQ25…

Also the softball duffle bag is placed right in that dark spot as well…





"I saw his head go down." – Heather

"Do you need me to put it in there?" – Heather

"I flipped both ways." - Telisa



Prepared by: Stage Manager; Faith Castaneda



Faith Castaneda
Stage Manager

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