Saturday, August 24, 2013

AFGM Performance Report 8.24

Georgetown Palace Theatre

Performance Report for

A Few Good Men

Saturday, August 24

Director:  Ron Watson

Stage Manager: Faith Castaneda       

Cast called at 6:15p           

Began Act 1:  7:34p     Intermission: 8:39p-9:00p       Ended: 10:03p       

Late: Mutz (e)

Missing: Heather (L)

Didn't Sign In: Art, Erik, Logan, Matt, Nick, Thomas

House Open: 7:08p

Weather: Hot!! 97*

Act 1: 1 hr 5 mins

Intermission: 21 mins

Act 2: 1 hr 3 min

House Manager: Elaine Dobbs

House Count: 250



Show Irregularities:

House Open held due to repairs (lights and sound)

Act 2 held for bathroom line



Gun Drill got "hoots and hollers"!! Congrats!!

Standing O!






Nick – Maria says, "Thanks for the techie help!"


Marine Corps Unit: If you are NOT chanting or NOT IN a marine chant and/or scene change – please email me ASAP (only me – do not reply all, please) with which scenes those are so that Phil doesn't turn your mic on. Thank you!





Yay! Smooth transition!

You're awesome.




Next Performance:


Sunday, August 25 // Mainstage // Palace Theatre


12:45 // Crew Call

1:00 // Cast Call

1:15 // Mic Check

1:20 // Run Gun Drill

1:30 // House Open

2:00 // Go for Show!







There is still something wrong with the rain sound Q…even though the cue was longer, it wasn't heard halfway through the scene.

It also needs a stop Q, please.










·     LQ 24.2 – a marine cue but has Jessep office front light in it?

·     LQ 40.96 – in my book but not in board (b/o)

·     LQ 46 – doesn't look right – red/really dark? Bar Scene






"Now you're just beggin' for it and I don't do that." – Faith (per Nick's request)

"I'm glad you have balls." – Maria




Prepared by: Stage Manager; Faith Castaneda



Faith Castaneda
Stage Manager

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