Sunday, August 11, 2013

AFGM Rehearsal Report 8.11

Georgetown Palace Theatre

Rehearsal Report for

A Few Good Men

Sunday, August 11

Director: Ron Watson

Stage Manager: Faith Castaneda

Call: 1:30p                Began: 2:00    Break: 5:58-6:12      Ended: 7:17



Didn't Sign in:      lots of people!!!



Tech thru Act 2






Several things:


First, great job getting through the show today. As Ron said, we have a little ways to go, but we are certainly getting there!


Second, I wanted to make known that with my getting cues starting on Tuesday, there will be no line calling. I can't get my cues right and worry about tech while staying line-by-line on book. I have faith that you all will not even need me for lines starting Tuesday anyway. J


Thirdly, it has been brought to my and Ron's attention that there has been some unprofessional behavior backstage while the show is going on. Trying to make someone break character, talking and goofing off in the wings, etc will not be tolerated and needs to stop immediately.


Lastly, I would like to reinforce that everyone should be treated with respect! Please abide by the golden rule and treat others how you'd like to be treated. If anyone is having an issue with this, please inform Ron immediately and we will address this issue asap.


T-shirts sign up on SM table. Sign up by Aug 14 – Pay Heather by Aug 30!


You can find all of the past rehearsal reports at this web address:


Crew :


You're awesome! Thank you!


Next Rehearsal:


Monday, August 12 // OFF // Have a good night off!!


Tuesday, August 13 // 6:30-10:30p // Main Stage // Scene Work // Run Show


6:30p // Galloway // Beginning of Act 1 Sc 3

6:35p // Galloway, Weinberg, Kaffee // "Strenuously Object"

6:45p // Barnes, Kaffee, Ross, Randolph // Barnes on stand

6:55p // Santiago // Santiago monologues

7:00p // Santiago, Dawson, Downey // The Code Red

7:05p // Mutz, Ed, James, Nick, Logan // Stand Proud


7:15p // All Cast Call // Get into mics and costumes for top of show


7:40p (ish) // Mic Check

8:00p // Go for show









Don't forget that we need fatigues for Telisa and Stacy.  J


We also need costume repair sheets for the dressing rooms, please. J






The blue legal folders need papers, please.


Still need:

A couple more briefcases

The Marine Corps code of conduct manual

The GITMO regulations handbook

The two tower chiefs logs

Letters from Santiago (need a lot of these, please)

Need duct tape and rope for the code red scene, asap. J







Prepared by: Faith Castaneda

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