Sunday, August 11, 2013

AFGM Rehearsal Report 8.10

Georgetown Palace Theatre

Rehearsal Report for

A Few Good Men

Saturday, August 10

Director: Ron Watson

Stage Manager: Faith Castaneda

Call: 1:00p                Began: 1:00    Break:        Ended: 5:10

Late: Ed (excused)


Didn't Sign in: Erik, James, Logan, Rick, Sherman



Costume Parade

Tech thru Act 1






Thank you for your patience with the crew and production team while we learn our roles and become integrated into the show you've been working on for 8+ weeks!


T-shirts sign up on SM table. Sign up by Aug 14 – Pay Heather by Aug 30!


You can find all of the past rehearsal reports at this web address:


Crew :


You're awesome! Thank you!


Next Rehearsal:


Sunday, August 11 // 1:30-6 // Main Stage


1:30p // Cast and Crew Call

Cast get into your mics and top of Act 2 costumes

Crew please prep for Act 2 and set for top of Act 2


1:50p // MIC CHECK

2:00p // go for Act 2













Still need:

A couple more briefcases

The Marine Corps code of conduct manual

The GITMO regulations handbook

The two tower chiefs logs

Letters for Santiago (need a lot of these, please)

Need duct tape and rope for the code red scene, asap. J







Prepared by: Faith Castaneda

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