Thursday, August 15, 2013

AFGM Rehearsal Report 8.15

Georgetown Palace Theatre

Rehearsal Report for

A Few Good Men

Thursday, August 15

Director: Ron Watson

Stage Manager: Faith Castaneda

Call: 6:30p                Began: 6:30    Break: 9:14-9:30      Ended: 10:35

Late: Edward


Didn't Sign in: Cameron, Ismael, James, Kristin, Matt, Rick, Robert, Sherman, Steve, Thomas, Will Watson, Will S   



Scene Work

Ran Show


Act 1 – 1 hr 5 mins

Act 2 – 1 hr 4 mins






The show is looking so good!!!! You guys are doing such a great job!



Mutz // Please don't stop any cadence until the scene is set (which may include actors in place). Thank you!


No pushing, shoving and/or strong arming people in the wings or otherwise! Being polite goes a long way.


Kaffee – for 1st change into Class A's (big courtroom scene) exit USL wing and not red curtain.


Marine Corps Unit - Please know when your scene changes are coming! It does no good to work them if you aren't there to complete them. Those of you who were ready, Thank you!



T-shirts sign up on SM table. Sign up by Aug 14 – Pay Heather by Aug 30!


You can find all of the past rehearsal reports at this web address:


Crew :


You're awesome! Thank you!


Next Performance:


Friday, August 15 // 6:30-11:00p // Main Stage


6:15p // All Cast and Crew Call

6:15p // Dawson // Scene Work

6:20p // Santiago // Scene Work

6:25p // Kaffee, Ross, Jessep, Randolph // "You can't handle the truth"

6:35p // Mutz, Ed, James, Nick, Logan // Stand Proud


6:40p // Mic Check

6:50p // Run Gun Drill


7:00p // House Opens

7:30p // Go for Show

When the show is over, there will be an opening night gala on the rehearsal stage. You are all invited to join and meet the patrons!









Can another trench be pulled for Ismael, please?










"I'm gonna kick him in the ding ding!" – Stacy



Prepared by: Faith Castaneda


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