Wednesday, August 14, 2013

AFGM Rehearsal Report 8.13

Georgetown Palace Theatre

Rehearsal Report for

A Few Good Men

Tuesday, August 13

Director: Ron Watson

Stage Manager: Faith Castaneda

Call: 6:30p                Began: 6:30    Break: 9:23-9:39      Ended: 10:45



Didn't Sign in:     



Scene Work

Ran Show






Yay! We got through the show!


Cast – It is VERY cramped in the wings with staging scene changes and with costume changes going on. Please do not just stand around between scenes in the wings. Unless you are getting ready for the scene changes or to enter, please vacate the crowded wings. Thank you!


Marine Corp Unit – please begin using this rule when you are changing a scene. Unless you were given specific instruction to do otherwise, once you set/strike your set piece, exit through the wings. Please try to avoid the juliets and the red curtains as much as possible. Once you are done (and do not have the next entrance) vacate the wins, please. J


Leads – Please try to stay as near to the red curtains/juliets when possible to avoid traffic jams and collisions with set pieces.  


Markinson – going from motel to the courtroom – change on the SL side of the theatre and enter through the wing on SL to avoid having to go around the building.


Randolph – "Not so fast" pg 103 – Kendrick scene


Kaffee – all airmen/tower logs in Jessep / "Do you recall why Dawson was given such a poor grade…?"


Sherman/Ed – The defense table MUST be placed on the correct spikes for safety issues. Ismael and Kristin's chairs are on the edge of the stage and could result in them flying backward offstage. Please take the time you need to set it correctly.


T-shirts sign up on SM table. Sign up by Aug 14 – Pay Heather by Aug 30!


You can find all of the past rehearsal reports at this web address:


Crew :


Jack Daniels is darker. J


Please remember to wash the necessary props (beer bottle, jack bottle, rag, etc)




You're awesome! Thank you!


Next Rehearsal:


Wednesday, August 14 // 6:30-11:00p // Main Stage // Scene Work // Run Show


6:30p // Markinson // Markinson's Death

6:35p // Galloway, Weinberg, Kaffee, Kendrick // 2nd Kendrick Cross

6:40p // Stone, Kaffee, Ross, Randolph, Galloway // Dr Stone on stand

6:50p // Kendrick, Kaffee, Ross, Randolph // Kendrick on stand

7:00p // Jessep, Kaffee, Ross, Randolph // Jessep on stand

7:10p // Judge and Galloway // "Strenuously Object"

7:15p // All involved with courtroom change in Act 1 (The big one)


7:15p // All Cast Call // Get into mics and costumes for top of show


7:45p (ish) // Mic Check

8:00p // Go for show









Don't forget that we need fatigues for Telisa and Stacy.  J


We also need costume repair sheets for the dressing rooms, please. J





Needs lots of legal papers. Ismael is pulling out paper with drawings and such on the back….haha


Still need:

A couple more briefcases

The two tower chiefs logs

Letters from Santiago (need a lot of these, please)

The blue legal folders need papers, please.




Can the crew get some clip/work lights backstage, please?




"I'm on the crack." – Edward

"We forgot to get Ismael wet!" – Stacy



Prepared by: Faith Castaneda

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